Let me introduce: the Rouen Bike Carrier!

The brand new Rouen Bike Carrier: designed specially for transoprt your bike and bikepolo equipments on plane.

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About Rouen Carrier

Read more about Rouen Bike Carrier, which is designed for bikepolo players.

Make your own design!

There is not only one design: you can send for us your own notion. (colors, sizes, logos, etc.)


Read more about the system of Rouen Bike Carrier: it protect your bike on plane too!

Make your own inner design!

700c or 26"? Do you have an unusual bike, with unusual frameset? Don't worry! Just send information about your bike, and we make the inner deisgn especially for you!

Read more about Bringadivat on the Blog:

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    Ladies and Gents!
    Let me introduce: the Rouen Bike Carrier!
    It’s an unusual bike holder bag. You can bring your bike on your back, and put your […]

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